Prutha has a vision to create a whole new mindset towards social work and positive change in Goa. This new approach to the future should be based on participation and involvement by everyone. It is our belief here at Prutha that a new and brighter future is created only when everyone takes part and when the whole of life is taken as one integrated field of change. We believe that it is impossible to make a lasting change for good when the environment is separated from culture, the economy grows at the expense of spirituality, food is no longer related to nature and health and when we forget to learn from our past while we build our future. We believe in a future of Goa that will be created by everyone, for everyone with a truly sustainable and holistic vision. We will play our small part in this new vision by promoting those who are playing their part in building a better future, giving them strength and help to carry on their work and inspiring society to follow their lead.