Understanding Your Food Can Save 

Your Life

Iris C F Gomes

Along with the gamut of medicines that have entered the pharmaceutical market, there has been an accompaniment of distressing ailments. Medical science may have made monumental strides in recent times, nonetheless the steady assertion of disease remains a threat all too real. Darryl D’Souza, an engineer turned therapist, proposes the cure of chronic diseases such as diabetes and arthritis through natural therapy. Natural therapy refers to health care practices that use nature based ingredients and practices to heal the body.

Darryl D’Souza, who has a history of illness and has written a book entitled Becoming Healthy or Extinct encompassing his trials and his release from this bondage of disease, says ‘Some people start with allopathy. Then they begin to suffer from side effects … move on to ayurveda and then homeopathy…’ What takes them on this painful journey of frustration is sometimes the inability of the doctors to diagnose the disease correctly. This often happens due to a lack of understanding of the true nature of the ailment and the reluctance to adopt a holistic approach to treatment.

Another problem with the medication that is unreservedly prescribed is that it is usually made of chemical substances that are incompatible with the organic nature of the human body. Although many of these substances start out organic in composition, after being subjected to various treatments such as high temperatures and pressure, the molecular structure of these elements undergoes a change. This transformation renders them inorganic substances, which in turn cause debilitating effects. Painkillers, for example, are known to detrimentally affect the liver and kidneys. Natural therapies such as Ayurveda would sun dry herbs, thus preventing the enzymes they contain from perishing as they would at high temperatures. The composition of some medicines is altered due to leaching from the vessels.

With passing time, there are new discoveries being made about the human body and hence we can conclude that knowledge regarding the same is incomplete. If our knowledge is incomplete, it will palpably affect the ability to produce medicine that will cure illnesses entirely. Modern medicine as yet refuses to accept the human body as an association between matter and energy and how the two have a reciprocal effect on each other. This hinders any progress in directing holistic healing methods to cure patients.

The question before us is, in the light of this situation, what is to become of our future generations. It is Darryl’s contention that younger and younger people will come to be stricken by illnesses generally attributed to the effects of old age. He says, ‘In the future even babies and infants will have chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease… weak kidney…weak liver. Even now the writing on tonics and tablets says it is not to be given to children below the age of twelve. So in twenty years from now we will not be able to give medicine to these three month old or six month old children. What do we do then?!’

At present, the struggles faced by parents with children afflicted with disease or a genetic problem, in terms of medical complications, financial travails, and the time and energy consumed, can be overwhelming. Imagine a scenario, twenty years from now, with sick children everywhere. Married people will become averse to the idea of having children at all. ‘That will be the beginning of the extinction phase of the human race when people will choose not to have children,’ says Darryl.

The power to alter this ostensible conundrum lies within our reach and it is up to us to understand ourselves and this natural healing system so that we can not only reverse our illnesses but leave a legacy of knowledge for future generations.

The human body is said to develop till the age of fifty and according to Darryl, who has experienced the process of reverse aging by changing his lifestyle and dietary habits, it is possible for a human being to live beyond the age of a hundred. Modern medicine makes assumptions that we are meant to fall sick but in truth this is the result of our own laxity towards good health habits, usage of synthetic products (deodorants, shampoos, etc), and environment and stress induced diseases. Our approach to life, the philosophy we subscribe to, can affect our health too.

The modern age of media and packaged-processed foods has seen individuals buy into the barrage of misinformation aimed at them through advertisements. Eighty per cent of the food advertised on television and other media can make you ill and age faster. The first step towards challenging the idea of the inevitability of lifestyle related illnesses is to gird yourself with the right education.

The human body needs to maintain its pH balance, which is measured on a scale of 0-14, in order to remain healthy. The pH level determines the acidic and alkaline balance of the body. If pH levels are low, that is below 7, it means a greater likelihood of falling ill and aging faster, whereas higher levels of alkalinity have been linked with better memory and cognition. It also reduces the risk of a stroke.

The molecular weight of cows’ milk is much more than that of human milk and requires a higher amount of acid to break it down, therefore increasing acidity in the body. It contributes to forming mucous and coats the intestine, preventing it from absorbing nutrients. It has been implicated in the aggravation of sinusitis, pneumonia, bronchitis and cataract formation. Milk consumption can be problematic in other ways as well. A pregnant cow’s oestrogen can shoot up 30 times. This high oestrogen triggers fat deposition and promotes diabetes. Milk contains insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) which blocks insulin receptors and can again lead to diabetes in the long run. If it is calcium that you are looking for, vegetables, nuts and lentils can provide you with enough calcium which can be absorbed by the body, unlike calcium from milk.

Cattle bred for milk and meat are exposed to hormones and antibiotics which inevitably end up in the human system leading to hormonal imbalance, faster physical maturation, obesity, cancer and complications with internal organs.

For protein intake concerns, people should be aware of the fact that some vegetables have more protein than meat and eggs.

Knowledge may forearm you, but there is a necessity to have sound and complete information. In the case of water, a major component of our body, we are told to consume large amounts of it. However, depletion of electrolytes in the body coupled with an indiscriminate consumption of water, for example while exercising, can cause oedema in the brain.

Common foods that may cause and exacerbate illnesses are processed sugar, wheat, rice, milk, sea salt and cooking oil. ‘We are the only creatures on the planet that add salt to their food,’ says Darryl. Yet other animals have sodium in their bodies which is sourced from the food they eat in its natural form. He cautioned against microwaved food where the organic nature of the food is altered and becomes carcinogenic.

Where oils are concerned, chemicals are added to them to remove impurities. When heated, oil thickens and its molecular structure changes. This leads to blockages in the cells of the body. Virgin oils are not pressured, filtered or treated and hence are a viable option. Coconut oil is considered one of the best because it is cold pressed and not treated in any other way.

Darryl advises that grains such as millet make a better substitute to eating rice or wheat, which contain the proteins gluten and lectin respectively, and can cause intestinal damage in the long run.

We, humans, do the maximum damage to our own bodies only because we refuse to follow our natural instincts towards food unlike other animals.

Darryl has dedicated his life to teaching people how to make informed choices and to helping them reverse chronic illnesses. He and his team provide integrated therapy, approaching the illness from every angle: spiritual, physical, mental and emotional, using the most simple and economical measures available. More information is available on his website www.becomehealthyorextinct.com.

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