The Magic of Drumming

Arthur Fernandes and his company Music Matters have become quite prominent among people seeking respite from the doldrums of routine life and high stress environments. In this time of pandemic (Covid-19), life has become incredibly strenuous and the health benefits of a drum circle, modified as a junk percussion session to fit the virtual mode, are welcome more than ever. One need not have any musical training to join in.

With a background in psychology, Arthur Fernandes has combined knowledge with his love of music to establish Music Matters. This psychologist, arts-based therapist and drum circle facilitator has transformed many lives.

A drum circle, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a form of music therapy, derived from ancient cultures that used percussion as a celebratory accompaniment to weddings, harvests and other rituals. It is mainly African culture that has influenced this form of music therapy with the Djembe drum playing an important role. Find out more about Arthur and drum circles here:

Music Matters believes in shaking up the monotony of daily life and takes a novel approach, reaching out to people and making this world a better place to live in, in the best way possible. Music Matters has transformed the drum circle, an exhilarating experience that looks past any barrier of distinction, into an online junk percussion session because people are unable to congregate due to social distancing.  The difference between drum circles and junk percussion sessions is that the junk percussion sessions are conducted online and any object that is musically viable can be used, be it buckets, thalis or your coffee table. Arthur says, 'This is a session where we encourage everyone to use all that they can at home! Everyone uses bottles, buckets, spoons, tables, boxes and a lot more, and with conventional instruments too, for whoever has them. We have broken the myth that things can be used only what they're made for by being innovative.'

These are the benefits you will feel by participating in a virtual junk session:

• Reduced stress, tension, anxiety and any form of negative emotion.

• Enhanced psychological, spiritual and physical well-being.

• Enhanced personal and social interaction.

• Increased healing and self-expression.

• Improved self-esteem, self-confidence and personal development.

• Building, support and encouragement of team interaction.

Previous clients of Music Matters and Arthur have testified to the monumental difference their participation in a junk percussion session has made. So if you are looking to make a positive change in your life, especially at this time, you can contact Music Matters at +919822633668.