Human Touch Foundation Supplies Anti-HIV Drugs and 


Goa’s COVID-19 lockdown has hit HIV+ and chronic patients hard. HIV+ and other patients with critical conditions are facing problems in accessing health services amid the strict lockdown.


Human Touch Foundation, an organisation working in Goa for those living with HIV, has organised a volunteer team to deliver the ARVs at their respective places. The team, with travel permits issued by the district magistrates of North Goa and South Goa and the ART Centre at Goa Medical College, Bambolim, have delivered ARVs to 25 people in the last two days.


Those living with HIV and need medication can approach their respective ART centres (Goa Medical College, Bambolim – 0832-2458708/ 09, Hospicio Hospital – 08322703801, North Goa District Hospital - 08322265119/ 2262372, Sub-district Hospital, Ponda - 08322312116/ 2312115 and Sub-district Hospital, Chicalim 08322540864/2540472. They have to give their consent and their ARVs will be delivered to their location.


Alternatively, one can reach out directly to volunteers via phone call or WhatsApp to Celina at 96653 21969; Basavaraj at 99608 18587, Venicia at 97646 82505 and Peter at 99237 00342.


"There are many who are scheduled to pick up the monthly anti-retroviral therapy (ART) drugs, the HIV-suppressing drug that has to be taken lifelong and is provided free of charge to patients registered with government hospitals, during this lockdown period. Most of them are overwhelmingly the poor and rely on state run transport, which is free for them, to collect their treatment. Hence this service was very essential," says Peter F. Borges, Founder of Human Touch Foundation.


Human Touch Foundation also supplies groceries to their regular beneficiaries living with HIV, registered with the organisation.