Editorial Policy

Prutha Goa is designed to broaden our understanding of social work in Goa and to help us to realise and understand that our decisions in life, business and the community all make a difference to the world around us. Social work in this sense includes all areas that lead to a better quality of life and to a better world. This can include direct intervention with those in most need in society, such as the provision of effective medical and personal care for the elderly, development of education and well-being in children, the relief of poverty or the alleviation of the effects of natural disasters. Looking beyond these traditional areas of social work, however, we also include those things which improve human life, such as advancements in mental and physical health, the development of the arts, culture, history and sports. The development of stronger communities is an aspect of social work, as is work to improve mutual understanding in sensitive areas such as race, background, politics and religion. Economic development is a key objective of social work, but only when it is a form of progress that provides genuine improvements in quality of life across the socio-economic base in society and in the long-term. Finally, our understanding of social work recognises that humans do not live in isolation, and we welcome subjects that further our understanding and care of the natural environment and of animals and plants.

While NGOs play a key part in many of these areas, we are also keen to hear about work done by individuals, companies, community groups, government departments and religious organisations. Prutha will feature news, comment and articles on all the above areas, with the aim of stimulating understanding and debate in the progress towards a better Goa and a better world. We welcome your suggestions for content and please use the contact us section of our website or email us at editor@pruthagoa.comWe also welcome constructive debate through our social media presence. Please be aware, however, that social work is always directed towards genuine improvements in quality of life for all of us. Developing mutual understanding in controversial areas can be key to this, but harsh criticism and insults do not lead to positive change. Any view can be expressed but please do so in a way that helps others to understand it, even if they may not agree with it. Comment that is not considered respectful of other members, or that may be construed as bullying, will be removed by the administrators of our social media and those who continue to post such material will be blocked. 

Thank you for taking part in our debate and for growing with us.