Art Exhibition in Goa to Raise Funds for Kerala 

The devastation caused by the recent flooding in Kerala has left many bereft of hearth and home and even life. The land of lush greenery, welcoming people and numerous historically significant and scenic sites has suffered the onslaught of the fury of nature with an increase of 41.44% rainfall this year. Recorded to be the worst flooding in a century, the crippling inundation has also been reported to be the cumulative result of unchecked mining, quarrying, development and construction, besides other alleged immediate factors. Many people now find themselves in relief camps faced with the long-drawn process of rebuilding their lives. The threat of disease is widespread and rehabilitation, which is a slow and exhausting process, will require a considerable amount of aid in the form of monetary funds, supplies related to daily life, food items, household fixtures and furniture, volunteers and so on to restore God’s own country to its former glory. NGOs, locals, the armed forces, national and international sources have extended relief services and donated funds in this time of need.

Owing to the gradual and lengthy recovery process, the need for financial assistance continues. Hence Goa’s own artists along with some artists from neighbouring states have decided to do their bit in contributing to Kerala’s rejuvenation with an exhibition that will see all sales proceeds donated to support the relief work in the state. Specifically, the donation will be made to The Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund. The exhibition A Helping Hand- Artists for Kerala will open on the 15th of September 2018 at 7pm at the Carpe Diem Art Gallery, Majorda, and will continue till the 30th of September.

The paintings are among the artists’ finest works and have been priced at reasonable rates to draw in higher sales, allowing art lovers the pleasure of owning an exceptional piece of art while making a contribution to a worthy cause. Some of the artists who have donated their paintings include Norman Tagore, well-known for his charcoal drawings, line works, and pop art, and Mohan Naik, an artist who is inspired by serene and picturesque village settings.

Manjunaath Naik, Suhas Shilker, Shilpa Nachinolkar, Jyoti Mehta, Veenita Chendvankar, Ramdas Gadekar, Kausalya Gadekar, Nirupa Naik, Vasant Rao, Vatsala Kamat, Rubina Desouza, Vaishnavi Shankhwalkar, Swapnesh Vaigankar, David Fernandes, Girish Gujar, Nandini Raikar, Damodar Madgaonkar, Meghan Salgaonkar, Tathi Premchand, Raj Bhandare, Pietyz Dsilva, Aparna Pradhan, Shweta Satardekar, Karishma D'Souza, Gajanand (Drupad Gaonkar), Vitesh Naik, Savia Viegas, Teamea Francisca, Priti Gokani, Julius Rocha, Vrushali Metha, Bhagyajyoti Arjun Naik and Irma Gerstenmaier are also part of the list of artists. This list may grow with an invitation extended to other artists willing to be part of A Helping Hand – Artists for Kerala.

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